Takaé wants to take you on a trip using your mind’s eye thanks to its design of handbags and accessories inspired by origami.

Amélie Legrand, the designer, is passionate about traveling, the arts, creative design and nature. After several years of looking for a way to combine all of her passions, she came up with the idea of creating environmentally friendly, limited edition and/or tailored, chic, multifunctional, entirely made by folds and without sewing.

She discovered origami many years ago and it was during a trip to Japan that the idea came to her to adapt this concept to develop original handbags and accessories.

Takaé divides its bags and accessories into 2 ranges. A permanent collection made with vegan leather and recycled belts from the automotive and aviation industries, bought in Quebec, and limited editions, made of materials that are given a second life, to reduce waste.


Takaé is a name of Japanese origin that recalls the Japanese concept of origami, which is the art of folded paper.

The mission & the Takaé's values

The mission through Takaé is to recycle as much as possible, giving a second life to unused or remaining materials of Quebec companies, by creating eco-responsible, minimalist handbags and clutch wallets with an original and practical design.

In 15 years, global garment production has doubled, as has waste. Every year, 5 million tons of textiles are put on the market. Of this volume, 4 million new and used textiles are discarded.

The world’s awareness of its consumption in terms of fashion will grow through a community responsible for change and therefore from the movement of slow fashion.

With this in mind, Takaé wishes to promote a circular economy locally and therefore promote the reduction of environmental impact with a more responsible fashion sense.

Buy less, but buy wisely!